Tegan Arrived! | San Diego Newborn Photographer

Tegan has finally arrived! We’ve only been waiting 9 months but so happy she is here now. Her Mom is my cousin and my family is just so excited for her to be the new member of the fam. Tegan was just 5 days old here and such a cute lovebug!

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The Hanks | San Diego Family Portrait Photographer

I love photographing the Hanks year after year! They are a beautiful family and such fun to hang with for their session. This year we ventured out to Coronado Beach and had a great time!

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Austin’s 17th Birthday Celebration | San Diego Event Photographer

Austin Celebrated her 17th Birthday a few weekends back by having a combo, Sweet 16th, Quinceanera, and Debut Bash! It was a great time. She and her friends were awesome and had a lot of fun celebrating with her! Congrats Austin!
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The Johnson Family | San Diego Family Portrait Photographer

Wow, what a great location we found up in Temecula for the Johnson Family Portraits. The background of this estate has so many locations to choose from. We had a blast exploring the property and finding the perfect spots to capture these images!
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Ella and Kaylie | San Diego Baby Photographer

Ella and Kaylie were a blast to photograph. Ella was about 7 months here and her sister Kaylie loves playing with her. I recently found out these two will be having another sister joining them shortly! Can’t wait to photograph all three together. Congrats Chelsea and Josh!
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Eisley is TWO! | San Diego Children Portrait Photographer

Eisley turned two back in September! I first photographer her when she was only 14 days old, two years ago. (you can find the post somewhere below) And even though I unfortunately missed last year, I hope every year forward we continue the photography tradition celebrating her birthday. She is adorable and has the best expressions. I just had to share a bunch of them below! The whole family joined in this year, including Leia!
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Renee | San Diego Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting Renee when she was only 5 days old, back in October! It was a great shoot and her Mom, Sarah was such an awesome help with all these cute poses.
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Ledesma Family | San Diego Family Portrait Photographer

The Ledesma Family session was such a fun shoot! They wanted to do something a little different with their session and posing this time around and as you can see they had a great time posing like models. This session was also special because the images were being shot for the Patriarch of the family, Grandpa for his Birthday!
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Tori & Bailey | San Diego Child Portrait Photographer

After photographing their newborn baby sister the other week, Renee, I went back to photograph big brother and big sister for the holidays. I think Bailey is laughing below at my one and only kid joke. I need more, suggestions appreciated! 
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Avery Jayne | San Diego Baby Photographer

I had a great session the other day with Avery and her mom Melissa. I got to test out some new winter hats and Melissa brought along this adorable tutu for Avery! Avery is just 7 weeks young here.

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Ben’s Birthday | San Diego Birthday Event Photographer

Last Saturday I photographed a super cute event, Ben’s 1st Birthday! The kids were adorable and a lot of fun!

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Hurricane Irene

We were all prepared in NYC, this weekend, for Irene to arrive. Stocked up on food and stayed indoors. The city even shut down the Subway system! But alas, we survived and not much damaged occurred in my neighborhood in Williamsburg, BK.

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Mason and Maddy

These two were adorable and very energetic. Just look at those faces!

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Spring 2011

It is getting warm and the layers on coming off. What better way to celebrate the warmth than taking a stroll at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for the Cherry Blossom blooms and colorful Tulips!

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BBC America | San Diego Event Photographer

BBC America threw an event at the Roseland Ballroom and recreated Studio 54 as the theme. I had a blast capturing all performers and guest throughout the night, along with fellow photographer Sasha Nialla!

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Kristin and Dan | San Diego Engagement Photographer

Engagement Portraits! These two were such troopers on this extremely fridged day in January. I think it was about 15 degrees out! We took a few hot coffee breaks indoors to warm up in between locations. But the determination for great shots paid off despite our frozen fingers, toes and noses. They are an adorably beautiful couple and it was a great time photographing them. Congrats again Kristin and Dan!

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Vegan Delights – Part 2

I can’t get enough of the amazing abundance of vegan food in NYC. Once again we went uptown to the delicious Candle 79. Featuring below – Tofu Rancheros, Coffee with Soy Creamer, and Raspberry Pie!
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Big Cartel Feature

Big Cartel celebrated opening their 100,000 customer’s online shop by featuring the artist and surprising her with a cake! I ventured to her Brooklyn studio to help Big Cartel capture the surprise and photograph her amazing jewelry and shop. Congrats Lillian Crowe!

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New York City Skyline

Happy 4th of July! I will always love this skyline, from a Brooklyn rooftop, especially with an amazing sunset.
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Power Street Cats

NYC has an overwhelming amount of feral/stray cats on the streets, including my block. I recently became involved with the city’s TNR (trap-neuter-return) program to help these feral cats live healthier and safer lives. These two are some of the offspring from the feral cats on my street. At only three weeks young, they are keepers for me! For more information on TNR and the project I started on my street, please visit www.littlefuryfriends.blogspot.com THANKS!
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