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Hurricane Irene

We were all prepared in NYC, this weekend, for Irene to arrive. Stocked up on food and stayed indoors. The city even shut down the Subway system! But alas, we survived and not much damaged occurred in my neighborhood in Williamsburg, BK.

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Spring 2011

It is getting warm and the layers on coming off. What better way to celebrate the warmth than taking a stroll at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for the Cherry Blossom blooms and colorful Tulips!

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From snow to flowers, spring has sprung in Brooklyn. And this also means the Cherry Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I made a trip out this year and they were in full bloom. Beautiful!
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The Great Salt Lake

I am back from my first trip to Salt Lake City! Perfect time of year to visit transitioning into winter… the weather was so lovely and these clouds! We took a drive out to the Great Salt Lake and Salt Flats where I captured some of these images…

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Horseshoe Grand Canyon

The other day I came across this old file, actually 3 files, that I had shot years ago on a trip through Utah-Zion Park and Arizona-Coral Pink Sand Dunes and parts of the Grand Canyon. We had been searching for this beautiful landmark and after a few dirt roads and a hike finally found it. Back then I did not have a wide enough lens and took this image in 3 parts. Here is the final result after piecing them together!

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Check this out… only twice a year will you see a sunset like this in Manhattan, a perfect alignment between the east and west axis of the streets’ grid… representing the summer solstice and winter solstice.

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Happy Spring!

I love this time of year… the colors, the smells, the warm weather! I captured this the other day at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. “Bluebells”

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